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Rockne, like any other ol' small town, always has a lot going on and everyone wants to hear about it! We respect the fact that we are all one big family trying to stay up to date with each other's lives and Rockne itself... Check out the blog below for some small town news about new babies, recent family trips, news about the town, or even crazy stories about breaking legs trying to leave the bar! If you have anything you would like posted, just shoot an email to the RWT and definitely be sure to include some pics if you have them.
Wednesday, June 27 2012

50. You have to break out "the red Rockne book" to see if your related first before you date someone.
49. You frown upon people who don't go to church with you if they are in Rockne for the weekend.
48. Your mom/dad/grandma/grandpa has a diploma from Sacred Heart High in Rockne.
47. You know people who still only have 5 TV stations.
46. You’ve eaten egg rolls or pizza from Leon’s and you claim they’re the best…even though you’ve never eaten it sober.
45. You know what a party line is and tell people who you shared yours with.
44. You know someone who was an extra in Hope Floats.
43. You’ve attended a Rockne wedding uninvited just for the beer and entertainment.
42. You’ve been to parties at Jackass Hill, and likely had your graduation party, bachelor party or wedding reception there.
41. KVET is your first preset station in your truck.
40. You know everyone from Austin is weird. 
39. You’ve ridden a horse, four wheeler or float in the Rockne parade.
38. You avoid Bastrop at all cost because of traffic.
37. You’ve attended one of Vincent’s Fourth of July parties.
36. As a child, going to the old dump was the highlight of your week...sometimes you might come home
with something cool.
35. You may not be exactly sure who 
Knute Rockne was, but you know he was catholic and must be a great man.
34. You live on more than a "few acres" and the pasture usually blocks the view of your neighbors house.
33. Going to Bastrop is referred to as going to “town”.
32. There is a nearby road that shares your last name.
31. You know you're always going to see someone you know in the Rockne Grocery so you decide to wear shoes.
30. You live for sausage wraps from Rockne Bazaars and Spring Festivals.
29. You would swim in a tank over a pool any day.
28. Waving to everyone who passes you on the road is second nature.
27. Seeing a scorpion crawl across your floor is a weekly, if not a daily occurrence.
26. You're glad you can find your name in the "the Red Rockne book" so you know you're not an outsider.
25. You’ve prayed and partied with Fr. Chris during the 2005 Youth Pilgrimage, and you miss him dearly.
24. You have played in the Rockne golf tournament and were drunk by the 4th hole, and likely won the tournament.
23. You know who Mrs. Erlene was, and that she was not only the queen of Rattlesnake hill but also your best drinking partner on Saturday night. (and in some instances, also your CCD teacher on Monday night).
22. You bring your own beer into either of the two cafes in Rockne.
21. You’ve joined in and sang David Allen Coe’s “Best Country Western Song” on stage at a wedding.
20. You’ve been frog giggin’, and coyote (ky-oat) hunting.
19. You’ve rode on and water ballooned the CYO hay ride.
18. You drive by Mrs. Probst and Mrs. Tucker's houses every year on Thanksgiving weekend just to see what Christmas lights they have this year.
17. You’ve helped decorate the intersection or know who does it. 
16. You know how to pronounce Meuth and Goertz correctly.
15. You refer to everyone in Rockne, who is outside of your immediate family, as "my cousin".
14. You may have sang in the choir at church, then later that night sang with drunk locals in Leon’s.
13. You use to spend every Saturday at Watterson then spend the next whole week talking about what happened Saturday night.
12. You know every back road within a 10 mile radius like the back of your hand.
11. You think the greatest burger ever created is from the old lady who makes them at Watterson.
10. Any attire you have on is acceptable for church.
9. You weekends consist of “making loops” if there is nothing else to do.
8. You believe Logan should be famous.
7. You know exactly what the “Grand March” is and how to do it.
6. You know what Meuth Hill is famous for.
5. You get excited when you hear someone is making wine and know there will be plenty to go around.
4. You get excited when you hear a "Rockne Wedding" is coming up because you know you'll get to party with 1000 of your closest cousins and family (not to mention the seemingly endless, free beer from 3-11pm).
3. You know who Leon is and understand that he is a legend.
2. You believe the opening day of deer season should be a holiday because everyone will take off of work or
skip school to leave for the lease.

And #1 is……

1. You count your blessings to live in such a close-knit community that knows how party!



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