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Leon's Country Store

Leon's Country Store in Rockne has been voted first runner-up for "Best Bar" and first place for "Coldest Beer" in Bastrop Country numerous times. Leon's (A.K.A. The Bar), is not just a bar in Rockne. It is also known as a fun place to bring out the family and friends when events like Chili Cook Offs and fundraisers are hosted there.

Owner Herman Goertz took it over from his dad, who'd been serving icy brews to thirsty Texans since 1969. Before Herman's family took it over, the building was a general store. It's still a feed store and an old-school convenience store, but these days it is a bar too. It's still paneled with rough wood, faded and peeling outside and and cozy inside as old country places are.

Walk up the worn entrance and through the peeling white doors and you'll find yourself in the middle of a smoky circle of mismatched chairs occupied by folks in deep conversation- most likely about their cows. Behind the circle of chairs and next to the front counter are shelves and refrigerators stocked with country-store-type items. Behind the shelves are hundreds of pictures from past nights at Leon's: Halloween parties, a guy on his horse inside the bar, Rockne parades in front of Leon's, and legends that will never be forgotten.

There is a room to the farthest side of the building that folks use for events, family reunions, and other parties. In between this room and the store area is the bar. There is a jukebox tucked away in the corner playing music, two pool tables, tables to play cards or dominos at, and a dance floor.

The crowd at Leon's is friendly and make you feel right at home, even if your not from Texas!

Leon's is open from 10AM to...whenever!

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